Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MAKAMI by Makami

Bags, purses or handbags? Call the accessory whatever you want. But, find the right one for you, and you will feel nothing other than powerful. You will deal with anything and everything. This is what this accessory for me is all about. That’s why; I will like to introduce you to some of my work.  Here it is a photo shoot I have done, to show you one of my beloved creations: a leather envelope bag in white and black: Simple and powerful, but a woman’s object of affection.

Makami by Maria Camila Alarcón    

Empowered Women Photo Shoot

Styled and Photographed by Makami
Model: Manuela Proaño


  1. Great post! Especially love the 2nd photo!

  2. Shoot looks great and I love the bag! how much would it retail for?!/Wotshernameagai