Friday, December 30, 2011

London Fashion Week: A week to remember

When a year is about to finish is always good to look upon the great things that happened.  For me, one of the greatest ones was to live London Fashion Week properly from the outside. By that time, I wasn’t blogging yet, but that week did inspired me enough to take over the streets.
Here are some pictures I took with my digital camera!

After runway...






By Makami

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Central London Streets

Classic or modern, coats represent the authentic British style. After going around Central London there is no reason to doubt about the legitimacy of this piece as iconic inside British fashion.

Bag on shoulder and non-stop working
 Probably what makes the trench coat extraordinary, are the strokes of mystery you get to receive by wearing it. However in this case, there is no mystery at all. Is all about getting ready to start a working day with determination.

Textures fold up this story
 All comes to be natural with the right choices: pleated coat, casual hairstyle and textured bag.

House of Fraser

By Makami

Thursday, December 22, 2011

In London's Spitafields Market

Hanging around East London’s shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, isn’t a bad idea. However, if you find all these spaces under a same roof where unique art and fashion is found, there is nothing better. The Spitafields market, is London’s oldest market and an original place to hunt for curiosities.


Neither season’s cossacks nor fur scarves, is knitwear fashion in authentic old style.  

By Makami

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Edinburgh streets

Empire yellow and she reigns the Royal Mile!
 In the old town of the city not everything is about the Middle Ages, she definitely speaks of reformation with its unique style. Her combat look is smartly softened by the playful combination of bright yellow and light blue.  Super cool!


 In or out of campus, this bag continues to be the classic of the season. The reason why? Besides its comfortable and useful design, you know time will come by to make it genuinely rustic.   

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brick Lane Morning

In the East end of London, Brick Lane becomes the perfect area to witness winter fashion on stage. Cossacks, earmuffs, scarves, collars and capes; definitely are key items for facing the season’s cold.

Winter wall
 Almost snowing at her back, she lights up brick lane’s streets.

Daring the cold

Her edgy style just pops up nicely with teal green behind. 

Season Rush
In Christmas time, nothing better than an oversized bag. Although is a classic one, it becomes a key item when pairing it with modern day trends. 

Lights turned amber.. 
Fuzzy texture and soft leather, makes it comfortable for the day. 

Dressed in winter layers…
Her small bag blends in a wonderful ocher palette and she is ready to go. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in Christmas time!

Last end of summer I traveled to London for the first time and I totally got in love with the city! London is one of the big four fashion capitals of the world.  Although I am still missing to know a couple of them, by so far London is my number one!  Last week I had the opportunity to go back to the UK and see the season's mood in two of its major cities: London and Edinburgh! 


Christmas at Covent Garden
Covent Garden Market

All I want for Christmas...
Somerset house

Christmas at Harrods


Harvey Nichols Ice Queens 

Window show
Louis Vuitton

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fashion Lights-Up Barcelona's Streets

Silver elegance..

Although she was in a hurry I managed to take this picture. It seems you need to be in a rush in order to pair bracelet and purse correctly, it just comes out!

Fashion from Spain

Christmas is heading and fashion gets cozy. A Bimba & Lola bag suddenly becomes an expression of versatile elegance and dynamic style.

Lifestyle philosophy

By wearing this Mango bag, she really brings to life the brand’s motto: fashion for the young urban women. 

By Makami

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Barcelona Artistic: Second part!

Outshining style! 

A fashion stylist certain of her style is a good example of what Barcelona artistic represents: genuine confidence.

Redefining classics... 

Hunting for bags, sometimes I find something cool. Classic chinos are redefined with these blue stripe shoes.  

A color story

Sara from Sweden bought this bag in Ireland. Unique in its simplicity, this vintage bag is placed next to an autumn color story. 

In Barcelona prints are paired!

This bag from the Spanish brand Uterqüe looks like a classic out there; is all about a print and a chain.

By Makami

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barcelona Artistic!

A first look into Barcelona's street style!

From Plaça de Catalunya to Las Ramblas and from Park Güell to all Gaudí monuments, Barcelona is an artistic city. In this colorful and cosmopolitan city the streets seek the best of each individual. Residents and visitors are encouraged to show themselves the way they are, as Barcelona influence them to keep their essence the way the city does.

Looks like Dalí, but he is not Spanish! 

 Belgium, Las Ramblas

Great style and personality 

Latvia, Plaça Real

 Anna from Latvia, bought this bag of high finish and modern detail in one of Barcelona's flea markets. 

Pairing YELLOW!

Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya

Pairing yellow with basics such as black, brown and gray, results in urban style. 

By Makami

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bright, muted or complementary colors, you decide!

This time, intense colors and soft pastels lead the eye to the bag.  Is all about the edge between the warms and the cools to styled this Daisy-like computer case. The result? four spirited options: Ambarglow, Rosewood, Strawberry-pink and Rose violet. 

Styled and photographed by Makami.
Model: Cande Astorga Corral