Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barcelona 080

From 25th to 28th of January, Barcelona didn’t have another random week. It was the week for fashion to come and break in! Fully in the spotlight, the city was the venue for Moda Fad, ASVOFF Fashion Film Festival, The Brandery Winter and 080 Barcelona Fashion.  It was an amazing week, just to go out and enjoy from what fashion has to offer us.  Today, I will like to share with you some pics I took last Friday after Pierre Cardin show in 080 Barcelona Fashion.  It was cold and rainy but this fact didn’t fade fashion at all! 

 Carry the bag as only you know...

Moderate violets to make the purse glow

Tote trenched the hat! 

Make the bolds play to match! 

Bright gold’s for classic purse


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