Monday, November 28, 2011

Fashion Lights-Up Barcelona's Streets

Silver elegance..

Although she was in a hurry I managed to take this picture. It seems you need to be in a rush in order to pair bracelet and purse correctly, it just comes out!

Fashion from Spain

Christmas is heading and fashion gets cozy. A Bimba & Lola bag suddenly becomes an expression of versatile elegance and dynamic style.

Lifestyle philosophy

By wearing this Mango bag, she really brings to life the brand’s motto: fashion for the young urban women. 

By Makami

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Barcelona Artistic: Second part!

Outshining style! 

A fashion stylist certain of her style is a good example of what Barcelona artistic represents: genuine confidence.

Redefining classics... 

Hunting for bags, sometimes I find something cool. Classic chinos are redefined with these blue stripe shoes.  

A color story

Sara from Sweden bought this bag in Ireland. Unique in its simplicity, this vintage bag is placed next to an autumn color story. 

In Barcelona prints are paired!

This bag from the Spanish brand Uterqüe looks like a classic out there; is all about a print and a chain.

By Makami

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Barcelona Artistic!

A first look into Barcelona's street style!

From Plaça de Catalunya to Las Ramblas and from Park Güell to all Gaudí monuments, Barcelona is an artistic city. In this colorful and cosmopolitan city the streets seek the best of each individual. Residents and visitors are encouraged to show themselves the way they are, as Barcelona influence them to keep their essence the way the city does.

Looks like Dalí, but he is not Spanish! 

 Belgium, Las Ramblas

Great style and personality 

Latvia, Plaça Real

 Anna from Latvia, bought this bag of high finish and modern detail in one of Barcelona's flea markets. 

Pairing YELLOW!

Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya

Pairing yellow with basics such as black, brown and gray, results in urban style. 

By Makami

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bright, muted or complementary colors, you decide!

This time, intense colors and soft pastels lead the eye to the bag.  Is all about the edge between the warms and the cools to styled this Daisy-like computer case. The result? four spirited options: Ambarglow, Rosewood, Strawberry-pink and Rose violet. 

Styled and photographed by Makami.
Model: Cande Astorga Corral

Monday, November 14, 2011

How does a bag looks in Gracia

Strikingly Cozy!

This bag from the brand ZÜR is representative of Colombian talent and creativity.  It is a beautiful hand-made product with a modern twist.  I totally love to see Colombian bags styled in this way.

Fantasy bag!

Manuela, from Ecuador bought this endearing bag last summer in France. Sequoia is the brand, and without a doubt it goes a step forward using a see-through material.

Back to School...

From Tel-aviv, Israel, Shira Kela is owner of an outgoing personality. Shira bought this crimson bag which reminds us of an old school style in her country.   The brand is YAEL.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turin, Living the Golden Age!

Da Milano a Torino: Un viaggio nel mondo del Made in Italy 

On my trip to Italy, I visited Turin as well!. From the national cinema museum to piazzas and castles, in this city everything is about culture and history. Turin, certainly is a true representative of the Italian heritage; so it shouldn’t be a surprise to understand why Franca Sozzani and Gabriella Pesucci, chose this city to create the greatest fashion exhibition in Italian history: Moda in Italia, 150 anni di eleganza.
The editor in chief of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani, and the costume designer, Gabriella Pescucci, were in charge of curating this extraordinary exhibition held at La Venaria Reale. Located about 8 km from Turin, this royal residence of beauty and charm, was chosen as the venue to narrate the Italian fashion history since 1861 till today.
Organized in 16 rooms, the exhibit guides you throughout a fantasy world of unique vintage dresses, which were worn by Italian icons and designed by skillful Italian designers. At the exhibit, the wide history of Italian fashion turns to be divided into several moments starting from the romanticism of Italian Unification , followed by the social life of the Età umbertina , the ecletic fashion of the Belle Epoque period, the Futurism of Italian artists, the simplicity of the 30’s, the bright ellegance of the New Look, and the development of the authentic Italian style since the 60’s till the present time. 

No pictures were allowed in the exhibition - however I couldn’t resist to secretly take some pictures. The first one is a beautiful and luxurious garment worn by la Regina Margherita, and of undeniable elegance. The second one is an incredible dress by Federico Forquet, a truly representative of the Italian creativity of the 70’s. Last but not least, I took a final picture, an image of the last room, which summarizes the fantastic experience of living 150 years of Italian fashion. The best years of Italian contemporary fashion were concentrated here, all around a memorable video and a runway show where mannequins were in charge of bringing to life the original creations of the best ones!

Torino, October 30, 2011

By Makami

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Una passeggiata nel parco Sampione, Milano

Lets have a ride but keep an eye on the bag...

Chasing the bag!

Amazed by the colors of her style, I decided to chase her and ask her for some photos!

Believe it or not, she has nothing to do with fashion, she is an Italian concert performer who bought this beautiful bag at a random shop in Milan.

Ethnic & Clean

Dark blue bag with impeccable finishes, Berlin. 

Treno in Arrivo...

Luggage from the Netherlands speaks of  know-how 
Stazione Centrale

Friday, November 4, 2011

Milan, living the Made in Italy

A dream came true, last weekend I finally went to Milan! Have a look to the first part of this inspirational journey. 
All by Makami! 

Recognized as one of the big four fashion capitals of the world, Milan without a doubt is object of inspiration. 

CITY FALL: a nice color  palette

From shades of red to soft lilacs, soft and hard colors warm up the fall! 

FALL the bags!

Furla, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, corner of Via San Paolo

CITY  vibe! 

Max&Co., Corso Vittorio Emanuele