Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brick Lane Morning

In the East end of London, Brick Lane becomes the perfect area to witness winter fashion on stage. Cossacks, earmuffs, scarves, collars and capes; definitely are key items for facing the season’s cold.

Winter wall
 Almost snowing at her back, she lights up brick lane’s streets.

Daring the cold

Her edgy style just pops up nicely with teal green behind. 

Season Rush
In Christmas time, nothing better than an oversized bag. Although is a classic one, it becomes a key item when pairing it with modern day trends. 

Lights turned amber.. 
Fuzzy texture and soft leather, makes it comfortable for the day. 

Dressed in winter layers…
Her small bag blends in a wonderful ocher palette and she is ready to go. 

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